Lead Roofing

DC Roofing Specialists install high quality roofing for both domestic and commercial properties in London and the South East. Our team provide a friendly service and quality workmanship to the highest trade standards. All of our workers are fully insured and the work is carried out to the LDA’s (Lead Development Association) guidelines and requirements. We have extensive knowledge of all aspects of lead roofing, from welding, bossing, flashing, and use only the highest quality materials for the job.

Lead roofing is extremely durable, giving them an increased life span of around 3 times longer than other roofing materials.

The durability and longevity of lead roofing means that the roof will not require any work or maintenance to be carried out on it for a number of years. This therefore makes lead roofing economically sound, resulting in savings in insurance and maintenance costs. Over a 40 year period, lead roofing can save you up to 50%, compared to alternative roofing materials.

Weather resistant
Lead roofing’s high flexibility means that it can contract or expand based on the outdoor temperature and therefore makes it the most weather resistant material for roofing. Lead is resistant to any type of corrosion, and is not impacted by damp and had excellent sealing properties.

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